About Us

We’re a staff of volunteers. This is a magazine for teachers by teachers. It’s a labor of love and we appreciate your patronage. Our staff is below. Feel free to email any of us here.

Our editor, Dr. Mark Feil, taught public high school chemistry, physics, physical science, and forensics for ten years, as well as serving as an adjunct professor at Neumann University and Wilmington University. He is a recognized expert on differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, brain-based learning, and engagement. Besides attending the Harvard Graduate School of Education he has performed on the stand-up comedy circuit. He is available for talks, seminars, workshops, and judging cook-offs, though not in that order.
Our assistant editor, Dr. Tammy Feil, taught public school for several years as a second grade special ed teacher. She now works as an associate professor at Neumann University. Besides being a voracious reader she is a expert on autism. She has also attended the Harvard Graduate School of Education and has done a great deal of work with Prentice Hall on their line of special education textbooks. Although usually the voice of reason she insists she saw Elvis at a local Walmart buying diet supplements last year.
Our book editor, Enrico Pelazzo, worked for 19 years as a cop before becoming injured on the job. After his retirement he became certified and taught high school for 16 more years. He loves to read, cook, and relax on his dock at a lake in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. He has authored numerous articles for our magazine and his keen mind is much in demand. Although our website administrator begged him not to, he insisted on mentioning he also enjoys candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, Mexican cat juggling, and dumpster diving.
The Forensic Teacher Magazine wouldn’t be where it is without science editor T. Ann Kosloski. Ann loves taking the labs and protocols submitted to the magazine and trying them out on her eleventh grade forensics students. She’s been disciplined twice by her principal for experiments unbecoming a private school, but her students love her. In fact, there’s a waiting list for students to get into her classes. Ann’s students volunteered to clean up a stretch of highway near their school, but were discouraged from continuing when they kept bringing back roadkill for decomposition studies.
Jamie Gillis, our sales director, is responsible for making sure our readers are able to see the merchants who can help them help students. Plus, she ensures we have enough money to pay the ever-growing list of monthly fees that keep an internet-based media outfit running. She’s good at schmoozing clients and loves working with people. She’s out on maternity leave now, and has had six children in the last five years. The staff no longer throws her baby showers. She taught tenth grade for nine years before marrying her principal.
Our circulation manager, Don Penglioni, worked as a diener for two years before deciding to use the education degree he’d earned. Twenty one years later he is still in the same classroom he started in. Don is our website administrator and really glad the magazine decided to go green and turn digital. Publishing on paper meant working with our printer to ensure the mailing lists were formatted properly. Don has been known to bake cookies for Post Office employees. In his spare time he works as a bartender where he listens to everyone’s problems and daydreams about starting a taxidermy service.